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6/26/2000 - PyX10 4.0.1a released!
This is a bugfix release. The Python module was not deallocating resources at the right time and it was causing my mouse to freeze while in X. I believe I have fixed this, and all is working well now. This release is still used with XAL 4.0.1.

6/25/2000 - PyX10 4.0.1 released!
Why jump to version 4.0.1? I chose this naming scheme to match the XAL version number. PyX10 4.0.1 works with XAL 4.0.1. This is how each PyX10 release will be numbered until further notice. Please test this version and give me lots of feedback on every aspect of the module, from the API to weather or not it even works for you.

6/20/2000 - PyX10 is introduced.
PyX10 is a set of Python modules for the XAL X10 Automation Library. These modules should provide an easy way for Python programmers to add home automation tasks to their applications. PyX10 has currently been tested on Linux, and in theory should work on BSD, I'll be able to test that for sure soon. As for windows, I would like to get around to making a cross platform X10 library, but as I don't have a Windows box handy it may be a while. See the XAL page to find out which X10 devices are currently supported.

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